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Hello, my name is Sanchita and I would like to thank and express my gratitude to Dr. Shivani Sachdev Gour. She is the only reason, why I have now become a blissful mother of a baby boy. She came as a blessing to me and showed me an effective way to conceive my child. Now, I would be telling about my long and colorful journey to become a mother.

Before meeting with Dr. Shivani  

After my marriage with my husband, we hoped to quickly enter the parenthood phase of our life. Therefore, we completed all our preparation for welcoming the new baby. But even after two years of our marriage, I was not able to conceive a child. This caused me some serious depression.

Even with the support of my husband, I was ashamed to lift my head in front of my In-Laws. I locked myself in the bedroom and cried for several long hours. In means to conceive a child, I started to visit the temple regularly and start praying to gods for a child. Following the guidance of elders in the family, I started to fast and follow some weird rituals. These rituals seriously affected my health, which caused me to lose my consciousness in our home. My husband was pretty worried and rushed to the hospital where I was admitted for malnutrition.

Meeting with Dr. Shivani  

When I was admitted to the hospital for my treatment, I had a chance to meet with a nice lady. She was in the hospital for some a regular check for her kid. After knowing my reason for getting admitted to the hospital she recommended me the name of Dr. Shivani Sachdev Gour. I told my husband regarding the topic after some hesitation; he searched her name on Google. Thus, we get to know about the effectiveness of IVF treatment. We immediately got an appointment with the doctor.

After meeting Dr. Shivani Sachdev Gour, we let her know about her case. She conducted some necessary test on both of us and confirmed that IVF treatment is a possible way for us. In the meantime, she also told us about the details of IVF treatment process.

The thing that I liked about Dr. Shivani would be that all the necessary tests were conducted on her own. After getting confirmation from the doctor, I decided to undergo the long process of the IVF treatment.  Then after some time, I was able to become pregnant with my child. Now, I can really say that Dr. Shivani one of the Best IVF doctors in India.

So, if you are also suffering a similar pain then I would recommend you to meet Dr. Shivani. She could be able to give you the happiness that you have always wanted.

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