Fertility problems are one of the most crucial things of life that pose a threat to the family tree by ruining the chance of getting pregnant naturally. Most of the clinics and specialists want to improve sexual habits to increase the chance of getting pregnant. There are some cases where specialists are unable to know the cause of infertility.

Visit the best infertility treatment center in India to get the tests done. According to the issues, there are various treatment options available. But some of them are not comfortable and some of them do not have a very low chance of getting pregnant. Here are some tests are given below for both men and women.

Tests for the Women infertility

There are many tests available to detect women’s infertility. Mostly the women’s fertility depends on ovaries for healthy eggs. The tract of reproduction needs to have enough space for the passing of the egg into the fallopian tube. After traveling, the start fertilization process by joining with the sperm and traveling through the uterus to stop implant lining. The women’s infertility test helps to find out any issues with this process. Here are some of the most common tests that are taken by top doctors for infertility.

  • Hysterosalpingography

This method helps to point out the condition of fallopian tubes and uterus blockages. Apart from blockages, there are many different issues commonly associated with these parts. With the use of injected X-ray contrast in the uterus, specialists check the status of the fluid spill of fallopian tube and cavity. It helps them to determine if the fallopian tube and uterus are out of danger as these parts are very crucial for the pregnancy process.

  • Testing of Ovulation

Doctors perform a blood test to measure the hormone levels to determine if you are ovulating or not. If there is any rise in the hormone named luteinizing, then it is most likely to release the eggs. Take the help of the infertility expert, Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour to know more about ovulation details.

  • Laparoscopy

In this surgery, a small device is inserted under the navel to check the details of the uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries. It can identify many different problems such as blockages, endometriosis, irregularities, and scarring of uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries.

Visit top doctors of infertility today to do these tests and know the status.

Tests for Male infertility

There are various tests to check the sperm details, hormone, and testicular to spot the issues. The male sperm needs to travel and mix with the egg for the pregnancy process.

  • Analyze of Semen

You will need to provide a semen sample in a clean container to the doctor for analyzing. They will check the strength, mobility, quantity, and quality of the sperm to determine if it is a healthy sperm or not.

  • Genetic testing

This test is performed by the best infertility treatment center in India to detect if the infertility is caused by any type of genetic issues.

These are some of the most common treatment options for both men and women to detect infertility.

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