IVF  treatment procedure is a very long and complicated one, it involves  Various steps. In this treatment progress is only done when the current step or the current treatment shows results positive, Otherwise, doctors go back to step one and redo the whole treatment.

However, it is always Advice to opt for the best IVF treatment in Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, and other cities.

Generally, one cycle of Ivf of treatment takes 2 to 3 weeks and in this treatment, more than one cycle may require it depends on your health condition.

Listed below are the procedures of IVF treatment

  1. Ovulation induction process

This is the very first step after treatment procedure where if you are using your egg for the IVF then the procedure begins by injecting Synthetic hormones in your body so that your ovary produces eggs.

Multiple eggs are used because while the procedure takes place some eggs may not be successfully fertilized therefore each is used for safety purposes.

  1. Medications for your hormonal stimulation

In this procedure, you will be given medicines via injection Which will help you to stimulate hormone Which will help more than one ovaries to develop time.

  1. Medications for oocyte maturation.

After the doctor informs you about the result of your above two procedures is successful then they proceed with the next step.

There you are injected with human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) Medicine which will help your Ovary to get matured so that the fertilization process becomes easy.

  1. Egg retrieval

After all these procedure results are successful then the doctor will recommend you wait for one to two weeks before your eggs are ready for the process retrieval.

  1. Sperm retrieval

This is the extraction of sperm from the donor the partner to fertilize the egg, in case there is infertility in male a sperm donor is hired or recommended for the process of fertilization.

  1. Fertilization

This is a final stage where the egg or from the woman’s body or a female body is merged with the sperm and the process of fertilization takes place.

This procedure completely takes place outside the human body in a lab or a closed area.

  1. Process of surrogacy

In cases, if the mother is unable to produce the egg or in the case where the IVF procedure Is in function without using the egg after a female in that case the egg of the surrogate mother is used.

The process of surrogacy treatment involves a female who donates her ovaries or egg to let fertilization occur.

This procedure may be a little expensive but all over India already to bear this expense force having a baby in their life.

You can easily find a surrogate mother in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and in any other developed city ready to help you.

Therefore IVF is a very complicated and lengthy procedure that couples go through to achieve a successful pregnancy. However, in cases where if your female partner is unable to get pregnant then you can take the help of a surrogate mother for the further process.

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