IVF is a technique which has revolutionized the infertility industry. Anyone who wants to become a parent can become a parent with this method. It is not only safe but has a great success rate. IVF clinic is providing extraordinary services to their clients and creating happy families.

Services provided by IVF Hospital in Delhi

IVF hospital in Delhi provides a lot of services and facilities. Some of the services are mentioned below:

Basic fertility treatment

If you and your partner are having difficulty in conceiving then you should go for basic fertility treatment. Common fertility treatment includes Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) and In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). In IUI technique the collected healthy sperm is inserted directly into the uterus when one is ovulating. But in IVF, eggs from the ovaries are taken and fertilized with the sperm in a lab where they develop into embryos. The doctor then puts these embryos into the uterus to grow and develop into a baby.

Male factor infertility

Infertility issues are not restricted to females only, about half of all infertility cases stem from male reproductive problems. It is important to have your sperm evaluated if you are struggling with infertility as sperm health is vital to conception. The good news is that infertility in men is treatable.

Fertility assessment program

During fertility assessment program a person undergoes a series of tests to check the ovarian reserve to help determine the reproductive potential.

In vitro fertilization

This is a technique in which egg from the ovary is fertilized with healthy sperm in a laboratory. The embryo is then inserted in the uterus of the woman to make it grow and develop further.

Egg freezing

Egg freezing is a method which is used to preserve the eggs for future use. In this technology, the egg can be preserved for a very long time. It is beneficial for people who want to become parents but not ready at the moment. They need time to start up their family.


Oncofertility is a subfield that bridges the gap between oncology and reproductive research. It explores and expands options for the reproductive future of cancer survivors.

Preimplantation genetic testing (PGT)

The embryos created by IVF can be tested for finding whether the embryo is having any genetic disease. This is a useful thing as it helps to understand whether the baby would be a healthy baby or not. You can opt for another embryo if the test comes positive.

LGBTQ family building

In this, the gay and lesbian can have their own family. They can take the help of IVF to create their family.

Gestational surrogacy

In gestational surrogacy, the child is not biologically related to the gestational or surrogate mother.

IVF clinics in New Delhi is making pregnancy possible for all women and giving them a reason to rejoice. IVF specialist doctor in Delhi is trying their best to provide treatment to patients using the latest techniques.

Dr. Shivani Sachdev Gour is a best IVF expert in Delhi who is bringing a smile to the faces of her patients. She is doing a commendable job in this field. She is a name to reckon with if you are looking for IVF treatment.

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