Surrogacy is an assisted method of reproduction where the surrogate mother takes care of the baby until one gives birth.

The surrogacy process takes place through IVF where eggs and sperm are fertilized and embroider is created in a well-protected lab. Then The fertilized egg is injected in the surrogate mother’s body who carries the baby with her till birth.

In certain cases, there also requires an egg donor if the mother is infertile, to get possible results many couples contact the best surrogacy clinic in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and others.

There are various reasons for people to choose for surrogate mothers, with time there is an increase in the demand for Surrogacy.

However, couples generally tend to follow Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour Reviews for IVF up treatment as well as surrogacy see for better treatment at our affordable rate.

Here are a few most prominent reasons why people choose to take the help of a surrogate mother.

  1. Infertility

infertility is one of the major reasons that couples opt for surrogacy to have a family of their own.

A woman who suffers from infertility or has complications in carrying the baby chooses to have a family through the surrogacy process.

  1. Single individual

This kind of scenario is very rare in India, but still, single women who are incapable of conceiving are incapable of carrying the baby opt for Sarah Jessie as they Have an urge to be a mother but are independent enough to take care of the baby alone.

  1. Age

Each is a major factor that plays a massive role in the woman’s incapability to achieve and carry the baby successfully.

There are the exceptions in which women above age 35 to 40 are happily having a baby without any complications but in most cases, the aged woman is likely to take the help of a surrogate mother for having a baby.

  1. Physical problems

There is a term called uterine abnormality Which is a condition Where Giving birth or conceiving is near to impossible. In this situation if a couple tries to achieve pregnancy then it is considered very risky for a woman’s health it may also lead to life risks.

Therefore, in this kind of serious situation couples generally opt for the surrogacy method for having a baby.

  1. Incapability to carry full term

This is one of the problems that most women face. In this case, the woman As able to successfully get pregnant but is unable to carry the baby for nine months.

However here the fertilization occurs perfectly but the development gets affected add a point with leads to miscarriage at an early stage.

This is a treatable problem that most women face but in certain cases, the treatment doesn’t work and for those cases, the couple opts for surrogacy treatment centers in Delhi, Kolkata, and Bangalore.

Therefore where there are various reasons that one opts for or chooses to take the help of a surrogate mother for their wish to become parents and through this I VF treatment You can be a mother or parent awesome baby.

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