Risk and Chances of Getting Pregnant after Age of 40?

Risk and Chances of Getting Pregnant after Age of 40?

Fertility is a bodily ability to produce children and it depends on the biological clock. In women, fertility starts declining after the age of 35, decreases rapidly after the age of 40, and stops with menopause at the age of 45-50. In Males, fertility decreases at a slow rate after the age of 45 and stops at the age of […]

A Guide for Intended Parents before Starting Surrogacy Journey

Bringing a new life to the earth is an extraordinary feeling. If a couple cannot conceive naturally but want to have their biological little ones, they can opt for surrogacy.  Surrogacy is an arrangement where the surrogate mother conceives on the behalf of intended parents. Both parties agree upon a legal contract. The process is a little complex and consumes […]

What is the Right Age to Get Pregnant?

It is always a couple’s dream to have a child for the completeness of their family. But they are always concerned about when to start a family? Frankly, there is no standard age to get pregnant. According to Dr. Shivani Sachdev Gour, the best IVF doctor in Delhi, “a woman must think to have a baby when she is emotionally, physically, […]

Does the Covid19 Vaccine Affect the Menstrual Cycle?

Does the Covid19 Vaccine Affect the Menstrual Cycle?

Novel coronavirus or covid-19 has troubled people all over the world since its first incidence in December. 2019. Thanks to our researchers and scientists, we are now able to get vaccines to fight against the coronavirus. In view of an emergency-like situation caused by this deadly virus, the vaccination programs are in full pace in many countries. But still, there […]

When Can a Woman Get Pregnant after Menstruation?

A woman who desires to conceive a baby must know the best days of the month when her fertility is at its peak. It is to be noted that during periods there is almost no chance to conceive. There are possibilities of getting pregnant any time after the periods by having unprotective sex, however, some days are there that are […]

Surrogacy: A Last Resort to Have a Biological Child

It is a dream for almost every living being to have babies and start a family. For some people, it is always natural and normal to fulfill this dream. But for some, it is always a roller coaster ride due to infertility caused by any physical inability. Surrogacy is a technique through which an intended parent can have their own […]

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