Healthy Pregnancy Measures after a Miscarriage

While a pregnancy is one of the most beautiful things for a woman ever felt in her life. If unfortunately, it ends in a miscarriage, it can transform the experience into a worst memory. A miscarriage is one of the most physically or mentally devastating things that a woman can experience in her entire life. Sometimes the experience of miscarriage can become so scarring that a woman may fear the to decide whether to go for pregnancy again in her life. This mentally and emotional trauma can be devastating for her.It becomes very important for you to maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet before planning another pregnancy after a miscarriage.This will also provide you long term benefits and enable you to deliver a healthy baby without any problems or complications. Maintaining timely and healthy diet is of top most priority before and while you decided pregnancy once again.

The following are usually suggested by your doctor if you decided pregnancy after a miscarriage: 

Maintaining An ideal body weight: Maintaining an ideal weight (BMI) is utmost important while planning the next pregnancy after a miscarriage. Being underweight or overweight usually causes negative impact regardless whether you are living with or without the fear of a miscarriage. Watch your weight regularly and try to maintain an ideal weight.Consuming right diet is important as you have to make sure that you are eating a balanced diet rich in all vital nutrition. Most women going to be mother soon, overeat in excess thinking that it helps for having healthy child. Contrary to this myth having a healthy weight and balanced food consumption is must. 

Folic Acid Supplements: You must go for having folic acid supplements few months before pregnancy. Folic acid increases the chances of fertility and protects your fetus. Folate or folic acid is also known as a ‘pregnancy superhero’. Folate is responsible to ensure healthy central nervous system and development of spinal cord in the babies. Folic acid also helps to reduce the chances of neural tube defects in the fetus during the prenatal stages. 

Fitness: It is important that you exercise regularly to stay fit although you may have faced fear of physical exertion due to a history of miscarriage. Make sure you consult with before your go for taking physical fitness. Physical fitness is a must that makes your body healthy and flexible for the oncoming childbirth. If you sense any fears that physical exertion might harm your baby you must try to breathe easy. Consult a good physical fitness trainer who will guide you do some basic exercises and stretches that are useful and productive. 

Avoid Alcohol and Smoking: It is now time to stop any addiction if you were addicted to consuming alcohol, drugs or cigarettes. Alcohol and drugs are very dangerous for the successful pregnancy and for further growth of the fetus. It is highly recommended to get rid of all the habits well in advance while planning for pregnancy. Women who smoke usually have less likelihood of conceiving as compared to women those don’t smoke.

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