The Basic Ways of Treatments of Best Andrology Hospitals

The top urological clinic in Delhi and the Andrological hospital in Delhi specially deal with the medical issues related to male health, particularly relating to the problems of the male reproductive system.

Basically urological tract infections are caused both in men and women. It is the more like gynecology, which deals with health-related problems that are specific to female health, especially reproductive and urologic health.

According to the top andrological hospital in Delhi, it deals with the diagnosis and treatment of the disease and the prevention issues and remediation through-

  1. Fertility preservation through cryopreservation

Sperm banking is fertility preservation which includes surgical sperm retrieval sperm banking. Sperm preservation has been treating couples who are undergoing fertility issues. Where fertility is threatened cryopreservation is helpful. Preparation and selection of sperm for use infertility treatment.

Sperm banking is done and often used for the treatment of men who want to have children after having treatment that has the root problem as infertility. Sperm banking is a type of fertility preservation. Also called sperm cryopreservation, semen is collected in the laboratory and are checked for their count and how healthy they are.

  1. Male fertility treatments

Male fertility diagnostics and therapy is done which is a therapeutic intervention to improve healthy live birth outcome. Clinical advice for patients considering fertility treatment; preparation and selection of sperm and screening them from nay genetic abnormalities, hepatitis, and HIV Rh status is done. This makes use of infertility treatment. The donated sperm is analyzed and is further referred for IVF. Dr Vishal Dutt Gour can be consulted for these issues

  1. Infertility and sexual dysfunction treatment

Male sexual dysfunctions which are including erectile dysfunction or impotency. Disturbances of desire, arousal. Less ejaculation due to hormone levels and orgasmic dysfunctions is treated well in andrological hospitals. Male endocrine dysfunctions including disorders of sexual development; hypogonadism.

Generally, hypogonadism occurs due to inhibition of a particular hormone which does not play a vital role in masculine development and growth. Male hypogonadism is best treated in the best andrology hospital in Delhi through testosterone replacement therapy.

  1. Gamete donation (sperm or egg) thorough analysis in the laboratory.

The clinics and hospitals mainly deal with Gamete donation which includes detailed screening and informs the donors about the clinical risks of gamete donation, including the small or greater term risks and the discomforts of that would be caused afterward. How donated gametes sperms will be stored and rules and policies are governed for the use of stored gametes and how the donor will be compensated or benefited.

  1. Treatment of Genital infections 

Genital tract pathologies include infections and inflammations. Problems related to the kidney stone. Problems in the female genital tract like uterus, urethra, bladder, and male genital infections like the prostate, testicles are the main categorized diseases the hospitals treat.

Several problems related to urological and reproductive systems have been a major issue which not only disturbs the physical health but also the mental health of people adversely.

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