What Factors Affects IVF Cost in India

Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour describes that variables, like a woman’s age, will significantly influence the overall IVF cost in India. For example, the older you become, the less likely you are to conceive in the first cycle, and you may require repeated cycles to have a favourable result. As a result, your IVF procedure cost in Delhi, can increase.

Why do people opt for IVF?

  • IVF offers a variety of advantages, which has contributed to its enormous popularity.
  • IVF enables anybody to have a child, whether single parents or couples struggling with infertility.
  • IVF is the first of its type since it openly confronts the previously taboo subject of infertility.
  • IVF is a tried-and-true treatment for increasing your chances of becoming pregnant.
  • IVF provides you with the option of having a child whenever you’re ready.
  • IVF was also the first assisted reproductive technique to consider and address infertility concerns in males.

Factors affecting IVF cost in India

The following are the factors that influence the cost of IVF in Delhi:

  • The complication in the case:If the situation is serious, such as when the couple has had several IVF failures, the cost of IVF may increase due to the case’s difficulty.
  • Cost of Embryo Freezing:Many couples choose to freeze their embryos so that they might utilise them at a later time. The frozen embryos are thawed and then transplanted to the woman’s uterus when needed. In this case, the expense of embryo freezing may result in a rise in the treatment’s cost.
  • Age of the patient: The older you become, the less likely you are to conceive in the first cycle, and you may require repeated cycles to have a favourable result. Women under 35 have a better likelihood of having a successful IVF cycle in the first few rounds because older women have fewer eggs available. In contrast, women under the age of 30 have more fertile eggs.
  • Donor Sperm/ Egg:Couples battling infertility may need to explore donor eggs or donor sperms, depending on their needs.
  • The Doctor’s Expertise:The cost of the consultation and subsequent therapy may vary. IVF specialist doctor in Delhi are highly trained and have handled more successful cases than other physicians; hence they will charge extra.
  • Donor Embryo:Donor embryos are used by couples with major health problems or infertility challenges. Usually, they are given by couples who have finished their IVF round and no longer need the extra embryos.
  • Overall, Health: While receiving therapy, unhealthy behaviours may be considered. Another factor that may contribute to an increase in treatment costs is the patient’s medical history.
  • Quality of semen:The sperm may be unable to fertilise the egg if the quality of the semen is inadequate. As a result, the chances of a successful IVF may be reduced.


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