What is the Timeframe to Complete the Surrogacy Process?

Surrogacy is an intricate procedure, which involves the medical process, surrogate matching process, legal documentation process, and so on. All these events are different in nature and involve different authorities for approval. Thus, there is no certain timeframe in which the surrogacy process completes. But surrogacy experts schedule an approximate timeline target for each event to complete. An approximate timeframe to complete the surrogacy process is targeted at one and a half years. For any guidance on the surrogacy process, contact Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour – the best surrogacy doctor in Delhi.


  1. Timelines for Initial Stage (1 to 2 Months)

The initial stage of the surrogacy process involves application and consultation. In this process, the focus is on considering the factors of whether the surrogacy process is perfect for the couple’s requirements or not. The surrogacy experts discuss every aspect of the procedure with the intended parents and understand their requirements and financial condition.


  1. Timelines for Finding Surrogate (2 to 3 Months)

This stage is actually time-consuming and complex. A surrogate is someone who gives birth to the child on the behalf of the intended mother. This process can take several months until the right match is found. To reduce the time in this stage, couples usually take help from the surrogate agency. Surrogacy agencies already have a lot of profiles of potential surrogates. The aim of the agency is to find a perfect match for the intended parents.

  • The surrogate agency asks for the requirements of the intended parents.
  • Shortlists some profiles of potential surrogates based on the requirements.
  • Sends the profiles to intended parents for review.
  • Sets multiple meetings between the potential surrogates and intended parents. Here, one representative from the agency mediates the meeting. Intended parents may ask various questions from surrogates.
  • Finally, selecting a perfect surrogate to carry the child on the behalf of parents.
  • Potential surrogate undergoes various medical and psychological tests.


  1. Timelines for Legal Procedure (1 to 2 Months)

Since the surrogacy process involves two parties, to preserve the rights of both parties it is compulsory to draft a legal contract. The legal document ensures that there should not be any dispute between both parties later. Before starting the procedure, both parties must agree upon all clauses of the contract.


  1. Timeline for the IVF Procedure and Embryo Transfer (2 to 3 Months)

The actual medical process of surrogacy starts from here. Generally, the IVF process succeeds in the first attempt. But in extreme situations, if it is not successful, the second attempt is tried. SCI IVF Hospitalthe best surrogacy services in Delhi has a high success rate.

  • Almost 4 weeks prior to starting the procedure, medications are given to the surrogate mother.
  • The egg is received from the intended mother or donor and mixed and fertilized with the father’s sperm or the donor sperm. Fertilization of the egg takes place in the lab and creates the embryo.
  • The embryo is transferred to the surrogate’s womb. The surrogate is kept under supervision for 15 days for confirming the conception.


  1. Pregnancy and Delivery (8 to 9 Months)

Like normal pregnancy, this procedure also takes 8-9 months to develop a child and delivery.


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