When to Commence IVF Treatment for Infertility Difficulties

When to Commence IVF Treatment for Infertility Difficulties

IVF, commonly known as in vitro fertilization, is a popular infertility treatment that entails the use of reproductive medicines to encourage the creation of many eggs. With the aid of a tiny needle, the eggs are extracted from the ovaries.

Then, in a specialist facility, they are fertilized with sperm. When one or multiple embryos are inserted into the uterus, they develop for 3 to 5 days. So when you need IVF treatment, you should consult the best ivf doctors in Delhi. 

What should a couple expect from the IVF procedure and when should they choose it?

When serious male factor infertility or obstructed fallopian tubes are to blame for infertility, IVF is the only option. A woman’s age also plays a big role in infertility. Indian women should begin preventive treatment as soon as they become thirty since ovarian ageing develops earlier in women. If you find any reason that making your parenthood dream stop then contact the fertility clinic in Delhi as soon as possible.

Dos and don’ts for IVF

  • Regular activity enhances blood circulation and aids implantation, so bed rest is unnecessary. The secret to reducing stress and strengthening results is to keep the mind and body active. It’s not advised to work out intensely.
  • You can travel, but if you feel okay after the treatment, schedule it for a few days later. Very serious or hectic travelling plans should be avoided. People react to physical stress in different ways; some people handle it more effectively than others, so pay attention to your body!
  • The “correct” diet, or a diet that fosters success and optimal weight, is an issue that is frequently posed. Unfortunately, a diet modification a week or two prior to the procedure won’t make much of a difference in your physique.

Your lifestyle should include frequent exercise and the adoption of good eating practices. Supplementing with too many vitamins is ineffective. Get your nutrients from natural foods like almonds and fresh fruit. Check your vitamin D levels because they might affect fertility and are frequent in India.

  • Avoid drinking and smoking at least three and preferably six months before trying to conceive. Reduce your coffee intake because it could reduce your likelihood of success. Get rid of those extra pounds because BMI affects IVF success and pregnancy complications. For any other support contact the best ivf doctors in Delhi.

Why is IVF your only option?

For couples struggling with ovulation problems or unexplained infertility, IUI may be a wonderful place to start. IUI might not be the best reproductive treatment for a couple, though.

IVF is typically advised for couples in the following circumstances:

  • severe infertility in men
  • Fallopian tube obstruction
  • Ineffectiveness of IUI
  • The belief that certain hereditary abnormalities could be passed on.

An innovative scientific technique that can be used before IVF is pre-implantation DNA testing. Patients who are worried about a genetic disorder or who have experienced numerous failed IUI sessions or miscarriages might find this to be helpful. This process can help determine the healthiest embryo to export and it has the potential to detect genetic diseases or chromosomal defects in embryos. Go for the best fertility clinic in Delhi for advanced IVF treatment. 


It is vital to keep in mind that many couples receiving fertility treatment are excited about the prospect of having twins or more children, but having multiple will actually cause issues for both the mother and the children. Therefore, IVF can be a safer option for most couples with complicated infertility issues.

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