Why Surrogacy is Getting Popular These Days?

Why Surrogacy is Getting Popular

Surrogacy is an arrangement, where a woman agrees to become pregnant on behalf of another couple. It is often supported by a legal agreement. Surrogacy is not easy to understand for some people because of their personal or social beliefs. But for the partners, who want to become parents through surrogacy, it is essential to know what surrogacy is and how it can help them?

Earlier, adoption was the only option to become parents if couples are not able to conceive their own child. But nowadays, there are many techniques to have a child who is genetically related to intended parents, and Surrogacy is one of them. Surrogacy is becoming popular day by day due to following reasons

  • Helping Infertile Couples

It is a good option for couples who cannot conceive naturally but wish to have their own biological child. Infertility can be in women or men both. The reasons not able to conceive a baby are:

  • Age constraint, where female partner would not be able to carry a pregnancy
  • Fallopian tube damage or blockage
  • Ovulation disorders
  • Premature ovarian failure
  • Endometriosis

If female partner is not able to produce her own eggs,the surrogate agrees to be inseminated with sperm of the intended father. After the birth, the surrogate agrees to terminate her parental rights; and therefore, have a genetic link to the child.

  • Providing a Good Option in place of Adoption

In adoption, adopting parents are considered legal parents only after they have spent certain number of months along with the baby. But in Surrogacy, intended parents are the legal parents from the very beginning of the process till the birth of the child and later on. A baby born through a surrogate mother is the biological child of the intended parents. Legal status of the intended parents in surrogacy is well-defined and certain.

  • Helping Women Having Pregnancy Risks

Couples where neither of the partner is infertile but the woman partner has various pregnancy risks in which they are refused by doctors to gain. Pregnancy risk can arise due to various medical conditions such as reproductive area problems, Cervical Cancer, previous IVF failure, Urinary Tract Infections, repetitive miscarriage, and prolonged medication regiment in heart, kidney or autoimmune diseases. 

pregnant woman

  • Helping Same Sex Couples to Enjoy Parenthood

As the same sex marriages are getting legally acceptable in many countries, surrogacy is becoming popular among those couples. They are also thinking about family planning and there is no other suitable option for them to become biological parent of a baby. Between both partners it should be decided who will be genetically related to the child. It is also important for couples to choose a known or anonymous donor.

  • Helping Couples to Focus on Career and Fitness

In present time everybody wants to focus on their career. Now a days, in some carrier options, women are choosing not to carry their pregnancy because they want to keep their bodies (or careers) in shape.Couples, who do not have time to conceive and care for unborn baby, for them Surrogacy is a good option. Some celebrities, due to their career issues, opt the option of surrogacy.

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