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    Best Surrogacy Clinic in Delhi NCR

    Surrogacy is the process in which the couple’s (who wants to have their own a child but is unable to carry a pregnancy) genetic material is placed in another woman’s womb known as surrogate who carries and gives birth the baby. The whole surrogacy process is carried out by the doctors by fertilizing the egg with the sperm collected from the genetic parents in a laboratory through a procedure known as in vitro fertilization or IVF. The resulting embryo developed from the genetic parents is then planted into the uterus of the surrogate mother. The surrogate mother carries and give birth the baby with an intention of hand over the baby to the intended parents after birth. Therefore the baby born to a surrogate mother is genetically related to their biological parents.

    However, many couples looking for surrogacy from within the country and overseas often find it difficult for the best surrogacy centre in India that stand up with their expectation of ethics and quality of service they looking for. SCI IVF Hospital is trusted by thousand of couples all over the world for best surrogacy clinics in India which provides the highest standard of service quality. We offer effective and economical surrogacy services to childless couples looking to save their money and precious time. Our world class surrogacy assistance, from starting to end of surrogacy process, provides amazing and hassle-free surrogacy experience for our patients.

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    Our Surrogacy Services

    If you are looking for low cost surrogacy clinics in India, then you have landed at the right place as we provide the following world class surrogacy services to our patients in India.

    Care for Surrogate Mother

    SCI IVF Hospital is proud to provide the best surrogacy services with our expert surrogacy support team who is always keen to help surrogate mothers and their families. The emotional and physical wellness of our surrogate is our ultimate goal. Our support team is dedicated to offer comfortable and incredible experience and physical and emotional health to our surrogate mothers. We always treat our surrogate mothers and their families as an integral part of the family.

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    Meeting with Surrogate Mother

    We always recommend you to meet the surrogate once the pregnancy test is positive. Your choice for your surrogate is our top most priority. The surrogate’s physical attributes however have no affect the child’s characteristics, so we do not suggest you to select the surrogate mother based on her physical attributes.

    Surrogate Selection Process

     At our center, the surrogate is selected strictly as per the ICMR guidelines. The age of a surrogate mother should not be over 45 years. Before selecting a surrogate for a particular couple, we must ensure that the candidate satisfies all the criteria before the whole process.

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    Surrogacy Cost

     SCI IVF Hospital offers best surrogacy treatment cost in Delhi. We are
    transparent to our patients about surrogate mother fees and costs. Generally, surrogacy involved significant cost burden for many parents. Therefore we try our best to offer best resources and options at an affordable cost to ease your surrogacy desire.

    You can also schedule a visit with our Director, at the centre to know about her progress.
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