Surrogacy Cost in Delhi India

Surrogacy is a complex process but is considered to be most viable for infertile couples who desire to have their own biological child. Expenses in each step of the surrogacy process may vary based on the location, overall health or medical condition of the patient, and other factors. An estimated cost of surrogacy in Delhi is around 11 Lakhs – 25 Lakhs.

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The breakup and factor of cost in each step and cost regulating factors are given below.

  1. Depending on the Egg or Sperm Donation

In the surrogacy process, eggs are fertilized by the sperm using the IVF process to create an embryo. Depending on the technique used in creating an embryo, surrogacy cost is affected.

  • Surrogacy with own eggs and sperms: If eggs and sperms are retrieved from the intended mother and father respectively, the surrogacy cost becomes low. It may cost approximately, 11 lakhs to 20 lakhs.
  • Surrogacy with either donor egg or sperm: If either egg or sperm is retrieved from a donor, the cost increases a little bit as the donor receives some money in response It may cost approximately, 11.5 lakhs to 20.5 lakhs.

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    1. Depending on the Surrogate Mother Search

    Finding a surrogate mother is a tedious job. Also, the compensation to be paid to the surrogate mother is totally subjective and based on the individuals. The surrogate mother can cost for her services around 5- 6 Lakhs.

    • If intended parents find the surrogate mother among family members or friends who are willing to help voluntarily, a lot of money could be saved.
    • If a couple cannot find a surrogate mother on their own, they take helps from the surrogate agency and pay fees for their services. The cost of the process may increase by 1 Lakh for including an agency in the process.
    1. Depending on the Medical Condition and Process

    In India, only Gestational surrogacy is legal. Gestational surrogacy is incomplete without the IVF process. In this process, eggs are fertilized in the lab with sperm and implanted into the surrogate’s uterus. Dr. Shivani Sachdev Gour – best surrogacy doctor in Delhi and her dedicated team is accountable for successful infertility treatment.

    • If intended parents are diagnosed with cancer and they have freeze eggs/sperms for future use, the overall cost of surrogacy increases. The cost of freezing eggs/sperms are approximately 1 lakh per year.
    • If there is a failure in the implantation of the embryo to the uterus, the next cycle of implantation is used. This increases the cost of the surrogacy process. 
    1. Depending on the Surrogate Care

    Surrogacy care depends on the location of the surrogate staying. Medical tests, rents, food expenses, yoga session, and other expense of surrogate is taken care by the intended parents. The cost may vary from 2 – 3 lakhs based on the facilities provided. 

    1. Depending on the Delivery Method

    Based on the delivery methods, the cost of surrogacy may vary.

    • For vaginal delivery, one has to spend approximately 30k or more.
    • C-sections or cesarean is comparatively costly and suggested based on the urgency of the situation. It may cost approximately, 1 – 1.5 Lakhs.
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