Is surrogacy really saving Indian marriages and women lives?

News broke out last year, and many couples felt outcasted. Commercial surrogacy in India was authorized in 2002 and prohibited in 2018. Rules changed, and now, only Indian parents can opt for surrogacy legally. There are many best surrogacy clinics in India, which make the lives of childless parents better with their fulfilled desire of parenthood. Indian surrogacy has become […]

Commonly Asked Questions about Blastocyst and Blastocyst Embryo Treatment

Women opting for in-vitro fertilization have lot of apprehensions. In-vitro fertilization is medical term used for the process of fertilization where eggs are combined with sperms outside the body in-vitro. The process is all about monitoring and stimulating the ovulatory process in woman. In the process ova or ovum are released from the ovaries and are fertilized in liquid generally […]

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