Qualities to Look for in a Surrogate

Qualities to Look for in a Surrogate

Searching for a surrogate is the most crucial part of the surrogacy process. After all, a surrogate is going to carry the baby in her womb for the next 9 months. Intended parents may search for a surrogate on their own or through a surrogate agency. In both options, intended parents must be clear about their requirements in a surrogate […]

Different Stages of the Surrogacy Process

Surrogacy is one of the most common processes of fertility treatment. It has been used for a very long time now and it comes with a high success rate. It helps you to get the joy of parenthood while you are having fertility problems. However, the process of surrogacy is very complex because of the legal rules related to it. […]

Important Things of Surrogacy Process That You Need To Know

Not being able to conceive a baby can be very mentally harmful to the parents. Also, it breaks all the dreams of becoming a complete family. However, there are ways available that can be used for having a baby. With the advancement of technology and science, there is more than 1 way available to conceive a baby for those who […]

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