Important Things of Surrogacy Process That You Need To Know

Not being able to conceive a baby can be very mentally harmful to the parents. Also, it breaks all the dreams of becoming a complete family. However, there are ways available that can be used for having a baby.

With the advancement of technology and science, there is more than 1 way available to conceive a baby for those who have infertility problems or other issues. One of the most popular ways that come with a high success rate is Surrogacy treatment. You can visit the best clinics to check the surrogacy treatment cost in Delhi. Here are the things you need to know before doing the surrogate treatment.

  1. Learn all the requirements

While many people know about the process of surrogacy, they still do not know where to start and what are the things they need to look for. Here are some common things that you need to check before the process:

  • Surrogate has delivered a child before and having her own baby
  • Check all the medical records to confirm that she did not have any complication at the time of pregnancy
  • Check the BMI of the surrogate to see if it is under 33
  • Her age is between 20-40 years old
  • Check her citizenship to confirm that she is living legally in the country. If she is an immigrant, then check the documents very carefully

You can visit the best IVF and surrogacy clinics in Delhi to know more about the requirements.

  1. Know more about the Traditional and Gestational Surrogacy

It is very important to know the basic difference between the different types of surrogacy before the treatment.

Traditional Surrogacy comes with a biological relationship between the baby and the surrogate mother. There are many controversies over this type as often there are challenges that are made to claim the baby.

On the other hand, the Gestational Surrogacy is known to be an arrangement, where a woman carries the baby of intended parents who are unable to conceive naturally. In this process, the surrogate mother has no genetic relationship with the baby. To know more about the treatment process, you can visit Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour.

  1. Match with the surrogate mother/ intended parents

One of the most crucial things about the Surrogacy process is to match with the opposite side. You need to choose the woman very carefully who will carry your baby. It is not only important for physically but very crucial for mental state. They need to match with each other for the upcoming journey to prevent any hurdles on the way. They need to perfectly match for making an easy journey based on personality fit, legal fit, and selective reduction views. Visit SCI IVF Hospital to start your surrogate treatment at an affordable cost.

Legal Contracts and Agreements

You will need to take the help of a Fertility attorney, which is crucial for the whole process. The attorney will help to finalize all the documents and contracts along with looking over the whole process till negotiation is done.

These are the important things of Surrogacy that you need to know before starting your treatment.

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