What Happens When Man Has Low Sperm Count

What Happens When Man Has Low Sperm Count

You may not give much thought to your sperm’s quality very frequently. But if you and your spouse are looking to create or grow your family, the quantity and quality of your sperm are vital. Although it only takes a single sperm to fertilize an egg, the journey is not easy. Having more sperm increases your chances of success. Identifying […]

What is The Reason Behind Male Infertility?

Today around 15% of the couple fails to conceive a child naturally. In fact, in one-third of cases, male sterility is the reason. Yes, you read absolutely right. Men can also experience infertility. It can be caused by several underlying health problems. However, it is no longer an issue due to the development of medical technology. The renowned male fertility […]

Procedure of Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) Treatment

This is an artificial way of treating infertility. IUI can be performed with normal cycles or fertility medications. This is the procedure of placing washed and concentrated sperm into the uterus. When the ovary releases one or more eggs to be fertilized sperm is placed directly to get mixed. The procedure of intrauterine insemination is not complicated but you need […]

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