What is The Reason Behind Male Infertility?

Today around 15% of the couple fails to conceive a child naturally. In fact, in one-third of cases, male sterility is the reason. Yes, you read absolutely right. Men can also experience infertility. It can be caused by several underlying health problems.

However, it is no longer an issue due to the development of medical technology. The renowned male fertility specialist Dr. Vishal Dutt Gour can help you in curing your barrenness. He is considered to be the most experienced andrologist in Delhi NCR. So, if you are undergoing such issues, make sure to seek advice from him. For now, let’s check out the reasons behind your infertility.


While discussing male infertility, the condition of varicocele needs to be mentioned in the first place. It refers to such a state when the veins are swelled. The swollen veins are responsible for tiring the testicles and resulting in poor sperm quality.

But, you can rest all your concern as this can be corrected through a surgical procedure. The male fertility clinic in Delhi like SCI IVF Hospital and SCI International Hospital makes use of advanced technology and modern equipment to proceed with surgical treatment.

Issues of Ejaculation

Retrospective ejaculation takes place when the semen penetrates the bladder instead of coming out from the penis during intercourse. Well, several health criticalities like diabetes, prostate surgery, and spinal injuries can be accountable for ejaculation disorders. If you are acquiring the symptoms like this, the best to do is acquiring early treatments from the andrology hospital in Delhi.

Irregular sexual intercourse

Men with erectile dysfunction and other similar disorders suffer from irregular ejaculation, which results in sterility. With proper counseling and treatments, this issue can be abolished conveniently.

Hormonal imbalance: Another circumstance that has the highest possibility of developing infertility in men includes low production of testosterone and other hormonal imbalance. It might occur owing to the abnormality of the testicles, which affect the hormonal systems like pituitary, thyroid, hypothalamus, and adrenal glands.

But, with the proper medication and therapies, this issue can be resolved. For getting the ideal treatment, prefer choosing the top Urology clinic in Delhi NCR.

Defective tubules: Tubules execute the task of transporting sperms. Owing to some irregularities like prior surgeries, infections, cystic fibrosis, trauma, etc. those tubes are blocked. Due to tube blockage, you are more likely to come across the fertility problems. Apart from the tube blockage, you can also experience the blockage in testicles, vas deferens, urethra, epididymis, etc.


Infections in genital parts can also lead you to infertility by interfering with the production of sperms and its function. Health issues such as inflammation in the testicles, epididymis, STD diseases, etc can create obstacles before your fertility. However, you can suitably fight against these issues by obtaining the treatment of the best male fertility doctor in Delhi. 

Alongside this, there are multiple other reasons like celiac diseases, chromosomal defect, undescended testicles, etc that can create obstacles before your fertility. Nevertheless, if you treat it early with the guidance of the experienced doctors, you can surely avoid the criticalities.

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