Frozen Blastocyst Transfer: A Thorough Description

Frozen Blastocyst Transfer: A Thorough Description

Did you know that the embryo has a 95 to 100 per cent chance of survival with the ART or assisted reproduction technology of vitrification? FBT or Frozen blastocyst transfer is usually done after the follicular aspiration’s 5th day. In this procedure, the transfer of single or multiple embryos takes place. These embryos are in an advanced development stage known […]

Employ IVF To Achieve A Healthy Pregnancy

IVF also referred to as in vitro fertilization, is a method used to aid in conception. In IVF, human eggs are fertilized in a lab using sperm and then transplanted into the uteruses. Motherhood will happen if the egg cell (embryo) properly lodges in the uterus. IVF can be used to cure fertility, prevent some hereditary conditions, or enable single individuals or […]

What is the Timeframe to Complete the Surrogacy Process?

Surrogacy is an intricate procedure, which involves the medical process, surrogate matching process, legal documentation process, and so on. All these events are different in nature and involve different authorities for approval. Thus, there is no certain timeframe in which the surrogacy process completes. But surrogacy experts schedule an approximate timeline target for each event to complete. An approximate timeframe […]

Risk and Chances of Getting Pregnant after Age of 40?

Risk and Chances of Getting Pregnant after Age of 40?

Fertility is a bodily ability to produce children and it depends on the biological clock. In women, fertility starts declining after the age of 35, decreases rapidly after the age of 40, and stops with menopause at the age of 45-50. In Males, fertility decreases at a slow rate after the age of 45 and stops at the age of […]

What is the Right Age to Get Pregnant?

It is always a couple’s dream to have a child for the completeness of their family. But they are always concerned about when to start a family? Frankly, there is no standard age to get pregnant. According to Dr. Shivani Sachdev Gour, the best IVF doctor in Delhi, “a woman must think to have a baby when she is emotionally, physically, […]

Safe Motherhood in Covid 19 and its Medicolegal considerations Panel discussion

Pregnant women do not appear more likely to contact the infection than the general population. However, pregnancy itself alters the body’s immune system and response to viral infections in general, which can occasionally be related to more severe symptoms and this will be the same for COVID-19. Reported cases of COVID-19 pneumonia in pregnancy are milder and with good recovery. […]

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