Very few couples are lucky to avail the complex IVF treatment and being successful in the same is even more fortunate. The best infertility hospital in Delhi offers you expert advice that will give a positive result in the future. So, the opportunity you are getting, abide you with certain norms and rules that you may need to follow as instructed by your fertility expert from the first day of the treatment until delivery. The first rule is you start the IVF treatment is to carefully listen to your doctor, follow the instructions, as anything prescribed by the doctor may have a valid reason. Remember, whatever may be the right; you cannot go away from the practices that come under the procedure.

Contributing and sacrificing now may help in achieving a positive result

After the transfer of the embryo into the best IVF clinic in Noida, it is obvious being anxious for the next couple of weeks. The emotions are natural with few shades of excitement and nervousness at the same time. The injected embryo will mature inside the uterus or not, it all depends on nature, but to some extent, it depends on you too. Surely, follow the instructions to achieve 100% positive results.

  • Firstly, restrict yourself from all the strenuous physical activities that may include running, jogging, and swimming for the next two days after the ejection of the embryos. You cannot exert much, so it is advisable to lie on bed always. Remember, you are not ill, but following treatment, so you may lead a healthy life without any strain.
  • You have to bid goodbye to your previous lifestyle habits. Do not take any energizing drugs without asking your infertility doctor and smoking; drinking is strictly prohibiting during the treatment that neither slows your anxiety nor will help you succeed in the IVF.
  • The IVF treatment center in Delhi advises you to stay away from sexual intercourse for the next couple of weeks until the crucial period gets over with positive results.
  • Stay happy and do not overthink or take stress in any matter. Remaining in high spirits, following your routine, reading funny storybooks, watching comedy series and movies will work best and prove favorable treatment.
  • While you are under treatment in the SCI IVF Centre, you will come across many people with their valuable suggestions that are myths like spotting; walking or coughing may result in the fall of the embryo. Therefore, you need to listen without getting panic and only do what your doctor suggests and wait for the final day that may decide your future treatment. 

Your friend, your doctor is always by your side

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