I, Suchisman along with my wife Sohini, would like to express our gratitude feeling toward Dr. Shivani Sachdev Gour for help and her support. Due to her efforts, we were able to enter the parenthood phase of our life. She showed us a way of becoming parents without undergoing any kind of treatment. Now, we have two little boys playing in our back yard. Here, I would describe my pain and my joy in this long process of becoming a parent.

Before we get to know Dr. Shivani

Even before our marriage, we decided to have babies within one after the marriage. With this mentality, we prepared ourselves for welcoming the new member of our family. Unfortunately, my wife was not able to conceive a baby even after our two years of marriage.

Searching for an effective solution, we came across the IVF treatment process. After my wife consulted with her doctor, she readily agreed for this treatment. We were seriously hoping for a child but again my wife was unable to become pregnant.

The whole process was repeated again for two more times but the results were the same. Her doctor then reported us that due to some medical complication my wife would be unable to become a mother. This result caused the wife to faint on the spot. The result caused us to lose all our hope to enjoy parenthood in our life.

After we met Dr. Shivani

While attending to the needs of my wife in the hospital, I came across another couple who were there for an annual check for their kid. After getting to my case, the couple recommended me to meet with Dr. Shivani Sachdev Gour. Luckily, I searched her name on the internet and came to know about the surrogacy process. Getting excited, search for more on the topic and when was awake I rushed to tell this good news. After getting to know the process she was equally excited. We immediately made an appointment with her.

After we explained our case, she told us that surrogacy is a possible way for us. Before further explanation, Dr. Shivani Sachdev Gour conducted some test on both of us and gave us a rundown about the process of surrogacy. She also introduced us with the possible surrogate mother of our child. After taking care of every necessary process we waited for the good news.

After some time she reported that we would be expecting twins. That moment was the happiest time of our life. After waiting for nine months we were able to hold our babies. Dr. Shivani is really the best surrogacy doctor in our country.

Therefore, if you are also suffering from a similar like mine then I would advise you to meet Dr. Shivani. She could help you in gaining the status of parenthood that you have always wanted.

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