How to Find a Legal, Safe, and Low-Cost Surrogacy Clinic in Delhi

If you’re unable to conceive naturally, surrogacy is the best assistive reproduction option for you. Over the past decade, surrogacy has become extremely popular among Indian couples. However, both traditional and gestational surrogacy procedures are expensive. You must find a low-cost surrogacy clinic in Delhi to receive affordable surrogacy services.

Here’s a complete guide to finding legal, safe, and cost-effective surrogacy services in Delhi –


Couples must know what bills they’ll have to pay for surrogacy services. In India, the cost of surrogacy in India ranges from Rupees 15, 00,000 to 20, 00,000 (between $20,000 – $30,000). The costs vary from clinic to clinic based on –

  • The surrogacy doctor’s experience
  • The clinic’s average success rate
  • The location of the clinic
  • Medications – IVF drugs, hormonal treatment for the surrogate mother, etc.
  • The number of consultations and investigations carried out by the surrogacy doctor.

If you opt for gestational surrogacy, your costs may be higher. You can end up paying anywhere between Rupees 10, 00,000 to 17, 00,000. 


At every low-cost surrogacy clinic in Delhi, the couples/individuals receiving the surrogate children are held responsible for the costs of –

  • Finding the ideal surrogates
  • The procedures required to impregnate her
  • Caring for their health throughout the duration of their pregnancies
  • Screening tests
  • IVF Process
  • Insurance for the surrogate
  • Post-delivery care for at least three months
  • Delivery of the baby
  • Personal toiletries
  • Blood tests, MRI scans, etc., before, during, and after the pregnancy
  • Medication before, during, and after the pregnancy
  • Embryo transfer
  • Egg collection
  • Medications, injections, etc.
A clinic may charge the couple separately for –
  • Donor eggs or sperm (if needed)
  • Costs of harvesting the donated eggs or embryos
  • Extra care in case the surrogates develop medical complications during/after pregnancy.
  • Medications, injections, etc. that are given to the babies’ post-birth

Couples or individuals must assess these costs before signing any contract with a low-cost surrogacy clinic in Delhi. Review different fertility clinics. Assess what services are worth the money and pick the fertility clinic that offers the best value proposition. 


Here are some vital services that no individual or couple should compromise on while selecting surrogacy clinics. These services and procedures are crucial for safeguarding their health. 

Early Screening: Make sure the clinic has strict medical screening requirements for all surrogates. The surrogates must go through blood tests, saline sonograms, COVID19 tests, STD tests, and more. Some high-end surrogacy clinics even offer psychological testing to surrogates. 

Medical Tests for Intended Parents: Intended parents have to undergo infertility treatments to ensure they can create healthy embryos with their eggs/sperm. 

IVF Transfer Preparation: Once the surrogates and the intended parents are cleared for the surrogacy process, they must go through strict preparation processes. This includes –

  • Preparing the intended mother’s womb for egg harvesting
  • Synchronizing the egg donor’s (intended mother) cycle with the surrogate’s cycle for hassle-free IVF transfers
  • Pregnancy testing after the embryos has been transferred to the surrogate mother’s uterus.
  • Blood and hormone level tests to verify the pregnancy.


Make sure to avoid these loopholes when searching for a low-cost surrogacy clinic in Delhi –

  • Fertility clinics that offer unclear budgets; make sure the fertility clinic doesn’t charge you for extra services once treatment has begun.
  • Avoid all clinics that could be involved in illegal practices (e.g., conducting commercial surrogacy)
  • Incomplete surrogacy contracts. Such contracts can lead to the surrogate refusing to hand over the baby post-birth.

Prospective parents must be cautious and well-informed when searching for fertility clinics. Take your time before signing a contract.

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