Six Effective Ways to Prepare Yourself for a Happy Outcome with IVF

You have undergone various blood tests, ultrasound reports, minor but painful surgeries, emotional stresses, and a massive amount of financial investment for a successful outcome from the IVF treatment. Not only the above factors are necessary for you to fall pregnant, but you also need to prepare yourself by giving proper nourishment and extra care to your body. The best IVF expert in Delhi discusses in detail about the ways you can increase the chances of being fertile and be pregnant.

When do you need IVF treatment?

However, before that, let us understand the reasons due to which you need to adopt the most sophisticated treatment in the IVF hospital in Delhi. If the fallopian tubes are blocked or there is inflammation in the pelvic region, or the male sperm count is low, failure of IUI treatment more than twice, you are in mid 30. The endometriosis is a few reasons when you need to do IVF treatment, which is the only hope left for you to fall pregnant.

Tips to consider while preparing for IVF

The IVF specialist doctor in Delhi stresses the importance of making three-six months before the IVF treatment as it takes almost three months for a follicle to develop and mature into an embryo. The amount of proper nourishment you give to your body for the earlier three months will directly represent the quality of the egg.  A few months of proper care will bring immense pleasure to the couple when holding a happy and healthy baby in your arms.

  • Firstly, keep yourself away from smoking and alcohol as nicotine mixes with the uterine fluid faster than any other part of the body. It also matures the ovaries before age and is unable to fertilize eggs. There are meager chances of successful IVF treatment with a live birth of a baby if the consumption of alcohol and smoking continues during the procedure.
  • Vitamins boosting fertility is always missing in the woman’s diet, so include enough prenatal nutrients to improve the quality of your body and the eggs that may deliver a healthy life. To start the intake of vitamins six months before conceiving.
  • You need to incorporate fertility-enhancing foods in your diet like the eggs, caviar, seeds, royal jelly, fish, nuts, pollen, and whole grains. Since entire grains develop into a new plant, therefore always include whole grains and the above items in your diet.
  • A right amount of sleep is necessary for couples for better sperm production and ovulation.
  • Lower stress rates result in higher levels of IVF success in the IVF treatment.
  • Lastly, daily deep breathing anywhere and everywhere will immediately remove stress hormones much faster than any other medicine can do it for you.

You are unable to conceive and is stress out after trying all the necessary treatment and tests favoring pregnancy but failed. You have visited various doctors online and confused about going to the right doctor for your treatment. The best IVF specialist doctor in Delhi, Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour reviews will enable you to decide and have faith in her treatment. She is treating many unsuccessful cases of infertility in India and in abroad. Her patients are very pleased with her kindness and the therapy she offers to her clients.

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