Things to Know About the Surrogacy Treatment Process

One of the main dreams of a couple is to grow their family to create a family tree and next-generation. But many obstacles can come in the way to fulfill this dream. One of the very common problems is fertility issues. But do not lose hope; there are many different ways that you can use to overcome this condition.


Among other treatments, surrogacy treatment is very effective. It comes with a lot of benefits along with a higher chance of success, compared to other treatments. Many best surrogacy centers in Delhi can help you to live up to your dream and bring a baby home.


Types of Surrogacy Treatment

Mainly there are 2 types of surrogacy available such as gestational surrogacy and traditional surrogacy. Depending on many different factors, you need to choose one of the types among them.


Gestational Surrogacy

This is the most common type of surrogacy, where the Egg is collected from the mother or a donor. The eggs are then fertilized with the sperm of the intended father or a donor. Then, the egg also known as embryo gets placed in the surrogate mother who is intended to carry the child. With this process, the baby is related to the mother who donated egg and father who donated the sperm genetically. But there is no genetic connection with the surrogacy mother. It is very useful for lesbian couples as it helps them to donate the egg on one to another one for carrying the baby. There are many IVF and surrogacy clinics in Delhi that you can visit for surrogacy treatment.


Traditional Surrogacy

Another type of treatment is traditional surrogacy. In this process, the surrogacy mothers get artificially inseminated by the donor or intended father to carry the baby with terms. The baby gets genetically connected with both the father and the surrogate mother. This process is more complicated compared to gestational surrogacy. In many cases, the relationship with the baby to surrogate mother and father gets complicated. If the agreements of surrogacy and parental rights get challenged, then it might cause a lot of trouble. You can visit the infertility expert Dr. Shivani Sachdev Gour to get more information about this process.


Why take the help of surrogacy?

There are many different treatments available that you can choose from. So, the question might come to your mind: why take the help of surrogacy? It comes with many different benefits that help the parents very much. You can visit the best surrogacy centers in Delhi to get this treatment. Here are the reasons for choosing surrogacy given below:


  • Many women have various health issues that prevent them from becoming pregnant naturally, they choose this treatment to be parents
  • Couples who are same-sex choose this treatment as they cannot conceive a baby naturally
  • Single father or mother who wants to be a parent of biological children choose this method


Visit IVF and surrogacy clinics in Delhi to know more about the details of surrogacy.


If you are thinking of having infertility treatment, then it will help you to know about surrogacy.

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