What are the causes, symptoms, and remedies for male infertility?

If a couple has had frequent, unprotected sexual contact for a year without becoming pregnant, they are termed infertile. When the female spouse is confirmed to be fertile, male infertility is utilized to categories infertility.

According to estimates, male factors contribute to up to 50% of occurrences of infertility. Injury, long-term health issues, previous illnesses, poor living, and other factors can all contribute to infertility. If you are looking for male infertility treatment, you should consult the best male fertility clinic in Delhi. 

What causes male infertility?

There are three main reasons why the male partner may experience infertility problems. They are loss of libido, oligospermia, and azoospermia. Male semen appears to be entirely natural. If you look closely, both the amount and appearance are fine. But if the male partner experiences infertility, the cause is likely oligospermia, azoospermia, or libido-loss disorders. The true cause can be discovered after doing many tests.

  • Oligospermia

This disorder develops when the sperm density is below the ideal amount. This illness may last for a short while or be chronic. If the sperm count drops, an illness may occur. If it is properly treated, the condition will quickly go away. Low-concentration sperm is defined as sperm that is less than 15 million per milliliter.  A male fertility clinic in Delhi will prescribe different medicines initially to treat the condition.

  • Azoospermia

Azoospermia illness affects 1% of all males and accounts for 20% of all male infertility issues. Testicular, Pre-testicular, and post-testicular azoospermia are the three forms of azoospermia that can occur. When the male semen contains no detectable amount of sperm, this illness may manifest.

  • Libido-loss disorders

Since the partners are motivated to find a solution, this is not an illness and may be treated. Bad metabolism, poor nutrition, extra work, sadness, anxiety, excessive alcohol use, excessive smoking, and other factors all contribute to this. The couples, or either of them, lack the energy or the desire to engage in sexual activity. 

Symptoms to notice

Incapability to bear a child is the main symptom of male infertility. There might be no other observable symptoms or indicators.

However, in certain circumstances, signs and symptoms are caused by an underlying issue, such as an inherited ailment, genetic disorder, enlarged veins around the testicles, or a disease that prevents sperm from passing through. Observable symptoms and signs include:

  • issues with sexual function, such as problems ejaculating or ejaculating little amounts of fluid, decreased sexual desire, or issues keeping arousal (erectile dysfunction)
  • Having discomfort, edema, or swelling near the testicles
  • respiratory diseases that recur
  • being unable to smell
  • abnormal breast development (gynecomastia)
  • Hair loss on the face or body, or other genetic or hormonal anomalies
  • a sperm count that is below average

See a doctor from the best male fertility treatment centre in Delhi if you notice any symptoms. 

Remedies included in male fertility treatment cost in Delhi

Your doctor will generally recommend a blood test to check your hormone levels or a normal sperm analysis to determine the reason for your infertility. They may send you for an infection check or an examination to inspect your testicles and other scrotal fluids. For diagnosis, a testicle biopsy may be required in some circumstances.

Your doctor can help you adjust your behavior if an element of your lifestyle is the root of your infertility. They can also identify alternatives if your medicine for a medical problem may be causing your infertility.

To address your infertility, your doctor might suggest hormonal therapy or other medications. All the male fertility treatment cost in Delhi can be different for each therapy.


In the event that you and your partner are unable to conceive naturally, assisted reproductive technologies (ART) may be able to help. Some fertility services place a greater emphasis on women than on the partnership, although it is important to start by looking into each partner’s fertility. Therefore, choose the best male fertility clinic in Delhi.

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