When Can a Woman Get Pregnant after Menstruation?

A woman who desires to conceive a baby must know the best days of the month when her fertility is at its peak. It is to be noted that during periods there is almost no chance to conceive. There are possibilities of getting pregnant any time after the periods by having unprotective sex, however, some days are there that are considered most fertile. If proper tracking of the fertile window is done along with the timed intercourse, a woman is most likely to get pregnant.

Menstrual Cycle and Its Stages

During intercourse, a lot of sperms can enter the woman’s body but, a woman conceives only when the sperm enters the fallopian tube and fertilizes the egg. If the sperm is unable to fertilize the egg, the egg travels to the uterus and leaves the body in the next period. Before understanding the best days to get pregnant, one needs to understand the menstrual cycle and its stages along with the fertility level.

  • Mensuration Days: Generally, women mensurate for 1 to 7 days. These are the least or almost zero fertile days.
  • Post Mensuration: If a couple does intercourse after 8 to 9 days of the period’s start date, there are some possibilities of conceiving. However, the produced eggs are still not matured, but sperms can stick and survive in the woman’s body for several days that can fertilize the matured egg later when it is produced.
  • Ovulation: Days around Ovulation, 1o to 14 days of period start, is considered the fertile window. In ovulation, a woman’s body produces and releases the mature eggs into the fallopian tube. If intercourse is done in these days or sperms are already survived around the tube, the matured egg can be fertilized.
  • Post Ovulation: There are chances to get pregnant after 15 to 20 days of period start. But the chances are not as high as during ovulation.
  • Uterine lining Thickening: After the 17 to 28 days of period uterine lining starts thickening. These days are least fertile to conceive.

Tracking Ovulation

Days when a woman ovulates, are the most fertile days and best for conceiving as mature eggs are produced in those days. Ovulation generally occurs around the 14th day of the menstrual start day. Monitoring those days and having unprotected sex in those days increase the probability of getting pregnant. Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour, the best female fertility doctor in Delhi, suggests that marking on the calendar 10 to 14 days from the menstrual start date is the best method to trace the ovulation days. But if a woman suffers from irregular periods, the following methods help.

  • Understanding the of ovulation Signals: During ovulation, a woman can feel light cramps in the lower belly and observe a minor increase in basal body temperature.
  • Checking Cervix:  You can check your cervix for vaginal discharge. If you feel wet, thick, and slippery vaginal discharge, you are possibly ovulating.
  • Ovulation Predictor Kit: Ovulation testers are available at the medical stores. It predicts ovulation by checking the level of luteinizing hormone (LH) in the urine.

If you are unable to trace ovulation due to irregular periods, you can contact SCI IVF Hospital – the Best Infertility Clinic in Delhi.

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