Why Consider In Vitro Fertilization as the Best Infertility Treatment?

Why Consider In Vitro Fertilization as the Best Infertility Treatment?

Unfortunately, infertility is having a significant impact on the present generation. Fortunately, IVF and ICSI have been developed by contemporary technology to help overcome infertility, so many more couples now have the hope of becoming parents.

This article will go through some of the prime reasons why IVF performed at the fertility clinic in Delhi is the greatest option for infertile couples.

You are older

After a certain age, a woman’s fertility drops dramatically. The quantity and quality of the eggs laid are both decreasing. Thus, IVF is a viable choice for those above the age of 35 who have not conceived naturally or via other reproductive treatments after trying for a year.

Anyone can have a child

IVF offers hope to couples who have been unable to conceive naturally or who are experiencing infertility-related difficulties. Many infertile couples and individuals have found success using IVF as part of their treatments under the guidance of Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour.

Treats male and female infertility concerns

IVF was initially developed to aid both male and female infertility. But was mainly used on women who had problems becoming pregnant because their fallopian tubes were blocked, damaged, or broken. IVF has helped men who have both diagnosed and unexplained infertility issues.

Having medical problems

Several health concerns force individuals to seek IVF at the best fertility centre in Delhi. If, for instance, endometriosis prevents you from conceiving a child, IVF can be the answer. Endometriosis causes scar tissue to grow on a woman’s reproductive organs (ovaries and fallopian tubes), which might make it impossible for a pregnancy to occur.

Embryo implantation via IVF allows us to avoid these complications. Another example is when one spouse has to undertake treatment for a disease with a high risk of reducing fertility, such as cancer. We may do IVF on your frozen sperm and eggs later to maintain fertility.

Higher likelihood of conception 

Even if infertility has been a problem, IVF and ICSI have significantly increased the rate of pregnancy. Also, many couples use IVF since it helps them conceive promptly and optimally.

Healthier pregnancy

Through pre-implantation genetic diagnostic (PGD), a couple may learn about an embryo’s chromosomal abnormalities before they put it into the uterus.

Have a genetic disorder or chromosomal abnormalities

You want to have children but are concerned about the transmission of a chromosomal defect or other hereditary condition. In this case, pre-implantation genetic diagnosis is performed in conjunction with IVF at the best fertility centre in Delhi. This implies that the embryos (or, in some circumstances, the eggs) are screened for the condition, and only healthy ones are implanted in your womb.

You can have a child anytime you want

Because of advances in medicine and the advent of IVF, couples no longer have to wait years to conceive. IVF also gives couples more freedom in planning their family structure and conceiving at optimal times, among other benefits.

Reduces twin pregnancies among younger women

As part of an IVF cycle, just one blastocyst should be implanted back into the uterus of a woman under the age of 35. However, in contrast to the 8% of Clomid pregnancies that result in identical twins, only 2% of IVF pregnancies experience this phenomenon naturally.


Things have progressed quite a bit technologically. IVF has given hope to couples and people struggling with infertility and other reproductive issues. IVF is the best treatment option since it is very successful and does not break the bank. SCI IVF Hospital, a reputable fertility clinic in Delhi, provides IVF for couples struggling with various obstetric and reproductive issues.

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