Why is counseling an Indispensable Part of Surrogacy?

Why is counseling an Indispensable Part of Surrogacy?

Motherhood is one of the best gifts in the world. But when issues occur to conceive a baby, people almost give up the dream of becoming parents. But, you don’t have to give up on that dream anymore; there are plenty of options available to become parents. One of those options is surrogacy.

Surrogacy is a process where a woman carries a child for another couple. In this process, the women hold the baby in their womb and later they hand over the baby to the couples. For a long time, many couples have found this method very helpful.


Counseling is a very crucial part of surrogacy treatment. It helps the patient very much for the treatment and makes them ready mentally. Mostly it is done by some high trained professionals who know all the protocols of the process of surrogacy and the clinic. You might get many counseling sessions with different people such as psychiatrists, philologists, legal practitioners, gynecologists, and many others.

How many sessions you will get depend on your status and concerns? All these sessions are not done before the process; you will get them through the whole process and even after the childbirth. Here are some of the common session times in the process of surrogacy given below.

  • Clinic Counseling

Clinic counseling is very important as it helps the mothers to understand the details of the process. Many people confuse clinic counseling with the psychological assessment, but they are completely different. The role of the clinic counselor is to deeply observe the clients and make judgments or reports about their functioning. The confusion mostly occurs when the counseling and the assessment person are the same.

Clinic counselors monitor the patients and make a report based on the issues and any type of problem. These issues mostly focus on relationships, expectations, conflicts, treatment, communication and many others.

  • Assessment of Counseling

Assessment is one of the very important processes of the surrogacy method. It is required to know the physiological state of the parents. Among all the issues found in the clinic counseling, some of them will be addressed in this counselling. But the main reason behind doing this counseling is to know the state of preparedness of the parents. As it is done by a qualified professional, it helps very much to improve the mental condition of the parents.

  • Counseling after the delivery

All people who are going through the process of surrogacy have to do this counseling even if the treatment was not successful. In this part, the counselor helps to support you mentally if the treatment was unsuccessful. And helps you guide through the next stages and improve your feelings if the treatment was successful.

Eliminated issues in counseling

Here are some common issues that are addressed in the counseling processes

  • Mental state in the current situation
  • Any type of stress factors about the treatment
  • History of infertility and reproductive system
  • Relationship problems and stability
  • If there are any donors involved, then they will also get counseled

The above information will help you to know how much counseling is necessary for the process of surrogacy. It helps to monitor the patients and eliminate most of the issues. Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour

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