Why IVF is a good option?

Fertility difficulties affect about one out of every six couples, defined as failure to produce a clinical pregnancy after a 12-month wait. But in the best IVF clinic in Delhi, a steadily growing number of couples are resorting to IVF-ICSI therapy.

Hence, many individuals who might otherwise be unable to conceive may benefit from IVF and have a successful pregnancy and healthy kid. It is critical to understand all of the benefits to couples and determine why this is a good decision.

So, let’s look at a circumstance in which IVF is a boon to a healthy pregnancy.

No Fallopian Tubes

A past pelvic infection, such as appendicitis or chlamydia might cause a woman’s fallopian tubes to become obstructed. When it is found that the fallopian tubes are obstructed, IVF is the sole option for conceiving. IUI is not a possibility since it requires open and functioning fallopian tubes for a fertilized egg to move from the tube into the uterus and implant. The fallopian tubes are not required for IVF since the eggs are taken from the ovaries and implanted straight into the uterus.

Low Sperm Count

In most circumstances, IUI is not a viable choice if the quality or quantity of the man’s sperm is a concern. However, IVF is an excellent alternative since it uses ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection into the Egg) to inject the sperm directly into the egg, allowing for successful fertilization.

Lowered Chance of Abnormality

Some couples may be at a higher risk of having a kid with a congenital disability. IVF, on the other hand, allows embryos to be evaluated before being put in the uterus. This lowers the chances of the kid acquiring a disorder for which one or both partners have a gene.

Male infertility

Suppose the quality or quantity of the man’s sperm is a concern. In that case, IVF is a viable alternative since it injects the sperm directly into the egg using ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection into the Egg), allowing for successful fertilization. Couples experiencing male infertility will have a far better chance of conceiving through IVF than they would naturally.

Infertility with no obvious cause

IVF may be a suitable alternative to help couples conceive if no evident explanation for infertility is revealed following fertility testing and several therapies. However, there might be difficulty with fertilization in certain instances of unexplained infertility. These types of cases may not be identified until laboratory fertilization is tried in the best IVF clinic in Delhi.

Premature failure of the ovaries

Early menopause and premature ovarian failure make it impossible for women to conceive naturally using their eggs. So instead, they may use donated eggs in IVF therapy, which usually has a high success rate.

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)

Due to a hormonal imbalance, PCOS creates irregular menstrual periods, making conception difficult. However, IVF may assist women with PCOS in becoming pregnant. PCOS women who have failed to conceive with ovulation induction medications have had great success with IVF.


Endometriosis is a disorder in which sections of the womb’s lining develop outside it. Endometriosis may have a detrimental effect on fertility. To conceive, surgery and ovulation induction with endometriosis were used. IVF is the principal therapeutic option for women whose ovarian reserve is damaged and above 35 years old.


Couples who desire a child but don’t want to go through adoption might use IVF to conceive. This is the most often cited rationale for the procedure’s approval. Before IVF, couples need to have a thorough conversation with the IVF specialist doctor in Delhi and inform them they couldn’t have children. The SCI IVF HOSPITAL is one of the finest reproductive health centres. Their staff specializes in infertility diagnosis, testing, and treatment.

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