A Guide for Intended Parents before Starting Surrogacy Journey

Bringing a new life to the earth is an extraordinary feeling. If a couple cannot conceive naturally but want to have their biological little ones, they can opt for surrogacy.  Surrogacy is an arrangement where the surrogate mother conceives on the behalf of intended parents. Both parties agree upon a legal contract.

The process is a little complex and consumes lots of time, money, and physical strength of the intended parents. Thus, it is better to be prepare before the surrogacy journey starts. Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour suggests some tips to intended parents before starting the surrogacy process.

  1. Intense Desire to have a Biological Child

The purpose of surrogacy is to have a genetic baby. At the end of this journey, a couple will be taking home their bundle of joy, a newborn baby. A strong desire of becoming parents must be there in both of the partners so that it can overpower any feeling of frustration and anxiety. This process is long, tiresome, and complex where both partners need each other’s support.

  1. Research about the Process

The surrogacy process is not something that anyone from your family or friends may have been gone through. Thus, you have very little information available for this in your circle. But you can always research online to educate yourself about this. Surrogacy is a brave decision and an overwhelming experience. To normalize it, make yourself aware of the medical, legal, financial, and ethical challenges of surrogacy. Research on the following topics and check if your requirements match or not.

  • Benefits of Surrogacy: The visible benefit is, it fulfills an infertile couple’s dream of becoming parents of their own biological child.
  • Comparing with other options: A couple must be firm on the opted option of having a child. Although surrogacy is suggested by the medical professional as a last resort of having a biological child. But it is widely compared with adoption, where the child is not related biologically.
  1. Emotional Preparedness

By the time a couple opts for Surrogacy, they might have gone through a lot of infertility tests and possible treatments that are really exhausting emotionally. For them, it is the final chance to get a biological child. Since this process is long and complex, one can feel anxious and fearful throughout the journey. A couple can take help from a mental health medical professional for accepting the facts and reducing stress. SCI IVF Hospital – the best surrogacy centre in Delhi provides you all facilities throughout the surrogacy journey to make your experience delightful.

  1. Financial Preparedness

Surrogacy is a complex process that involves two parties (surrogate and intended parents), a legal document, and medical specialists. It can be expensive as intended parents have to bear expenses of medical treatment, legal procedure, agency for hiring surrogate mother, expenses of surrogate throughout the pregnancy, and additional expenses of newborn such as breastfeeding, and so on.

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